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    2. Traffic Surveying And Modelling

      Providing strategic advice based on accurate results on the environmental performance of transport initiatives & networks. We are experienced in using economic analysis software including COBA & TUBA…

      We provide our clients with advice based on transport modelling, multi-modal public transport assessments and integrated transport assessments using industry standard modelling tools including: SATURN; CUBE; VISSIM; PARAMICS; TRANYST and LINSIG.? Our staff are also experienced in using economic analysis software including COBA and TUBA.

      Civil Engineering

      We offer a UK and Ireland-wide civil engineering design and site supervision service. Our experience ranges from initial advice at feasibility stage to detailed design of projects regardless of scale.


      We have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic engineering from traffic data collection, traffic modeling, Transport Assessments, transport planning and road safety audits

      Specialist Services

      Our planning team has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of planning and the planning appeals process throughout the UK and Ireland.