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    2. Road Safety Engineering

      Hoy Dorman regularly undertakes Road Safety Engineering schemes on behalf of local authorities and infrastructure owners.

      From a detailed analysis of casualty data, or through observational techniques, we identify accident patterns and locations. Using road safety engineering techniques in accordance with RoSPA procedures we then propose and design improvements to achieve a casualty reduction.

      Schemes vary from;

      • Area wide casualty reduction
      • User audits
      • Road safety engineering AIP
      • Travel plans
      • Transport assessment and studies

      Civil Engineering

      We offer a UK and Ireland-wide civil engineering design and site supervision service. Our experience ranges from initial advice at feasibility stage to detailed design of projects regardless of scale.


      We have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic engineering from traffic data collection, traffic modeling, Transport Assessments, transport planning and road safety audits

      Specialist Services

      Our planning team has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of planning and the planning appeals process throughout the UK and Ireland.