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    2. Infrastructure Design

      We recognize that infrastructure is key in creating a healthy, happy and thriving socio-economic climate within communities. It also plays a critical role in creating and enhancing sustainability.

      We have a wealth of experience in infrastructure design for private housing developments, major retail facilities, hospitals, schools, civic and leisure facilities both nationally and internationally.

      Hoy Dorman utilize BIM (Building Information Modelling) to ensure design is optimized, often reducing cost of construction without compromising on functionality. By value engineering and using innovative construction methods, we ensure project buildability and enable client’s certainty of final cost outcomes.

      We have established excellent working relationships with statutory bodies including Transport NI, Northern Ireland Water, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development – Rivers Agency and Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) to gain approvals and facilitate adoptions of infrastructure.

      Civil Engineering

      We offer a UK and Ireland-wide civil engineering design and site supervision service. Our experience ranges from initial advice at feasibility stage to detailed design of projects regardless of scale.


      We have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic engineering from traffic data collection, traffic modeling, Transport Assessments, transport planning and road safety audits

      Specialist Services

      Hoy Dorman provide a range of specialist services from?Expert Witness to preparation of Court documents;?Planning Appeal statements to civil engineering training.