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    2. Drainage Design & Assessment

      We provide drainage design for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. We create cost–effective solutions for drainage issues, including outfall problems, surface water control, flood protection and calculation of 'green field' runoff and associated buffer storage.

      Drainage assessment carried out by us will provide the information required by PPS15 Planning and Flood Risk – Annex D to enable a full and proper consideration of a Planning Application.

      Our team are up to date with current design philosophies to achieve optimum solutions in terms of SUDS drainage solutions. We adopt the latest balancing techniques to achieve the required statutory authority approvals. Sustainable drainage provides cost effective solutions, which are easy to manage, attractive and resilient to use. Early discussions with the sewerage companies are essential to fix agreed solutions and?optimize?preliminary costings, an area often overlooked?at project feasibility stages.

      A drainage assessment examines the foul and storm discharge generated from the site prior to the development taking place and compares it to the flows generated on completion of the development. The assessment also considers flood risk and makes recommendations to prevent the proposed development from impacting upon the local watercourse in terms of both flood risk and water quality.

      Civil Engineering

      We offer a UK and Ireland-wide civil engineering design and site supervision service. Our experience ranges from initial advice at feasibility stage to detailed design of projects regardless of scale.


      We have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic engineering from traffic data collection, traffic modeling, Transport Assessments, transport planning and road safety audits

      Specialist Services

      Hoy Dorman provide a range of specialist services from?Expert Witness to preparation of Court documents;?Planning Appeal statements to civil engineering training.