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    2. Hoy Dorman are?a?highly qualified and experienced civil engineering consulting practice dedicated to the development and implementation of practical and innovative solutions.


      The company provides clients with the assurance of solutions based on sound engineering principles and experience. In achieving this, we work closely with clients, building strong working relationships and instilling client confidence through the delivery of our projects. Hoy Dorman provides engineering solutions to clients, which are innovative, visionary, and cost effective. Recognising the continuously changing requirements of modern Government Policy and design standards, we constantly evolve and adapt to meet our clients’ needs, whilst maintaining these standards. Hoy Dorman deliver a fresh approach to engineering design and consultancy. We strive for excellence in each project undertaken and our expertise ensures practical and innovative solutions. We are enthusiastic and focused on exceeding expectations in achieving our clients’ objectives.

      Vision and Values


      Our vision is to continue to push the boundaries of excellence in modern civil engineering, consistently designing and delivering exceptional solutions for all clients.


      Our mission is to provide clients with the highest standard of engineering consultancy services. We provide a highly skilled, highly educated, motivated and professional workforce, using our expertise, market knowledge, common sense, practical experience and state of the art equipment and technology.


      Within Hoy Dorman, we recognise that our staff are crucial to our success and treat our employees with the respect and understanding they merit. We are committed to the training and continuous development of our people, placing emphasis on developmental training, rather than merely specific technical training.

      We have a strong health and safety culture, reinforced by quarterly directors’ health and safety audits and an employee health and safety committee.

      We are an equal opportunities employer, promoting ethnic diversity in the workplace